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The Desire Map & Fire Starting Page

Fire Starter

The Desire Map Info -This is your year, you are ready to make your true desired feelings a priority and get your soul on the agenda. The Desire Map is an insightful book by Danielle LaPorte that makes you want to look inward and acknowledge that guiding voice that offers clarity and honesty.

Join Kimmie and I for a day where we dive deep into what really makes your heart sing, what really makes you feel how you want to you want to feel each and every day of this beautiful life. This is also a special mashup session where we combine the Level I and Level II workshops to give you a jump start right out of the gate.

The Organic Spirit Centre provides a loving and inspiring setting for you to discover your true goals with soul. Your investment of $150 for this day of soul surfing includes a yummy lunch and snacks, The Desire Map book and workbook.

You know you're here to make a difference and shine your light bright so let's get the party started!

Marney xoxo

What sets you on fire? Lets figure out your passion and what lights you up.