Capturing life's joyful moments


I'm often asked what do I do. Well, one of the things I do is lead Desire Map workshops. It's an inside-out approach to goal setting. You go through a process to discover your "core desired feelings" and then you use those as the basis for your life planning. Super cool. And liberating. It's all based on the book from Danielle LaPorte.

What's the Desire Map? Excellent question. The Desire Map is a goal setting system that flips traditional goal setting. instead of focusing on external things and accomplishments like getting the house, making the big salary, or buying that sports car you've always wanted. You FIRST identify how you want to feel (Grounded, Affluent, Sexy, etc) and THEN determine what it will take for you to generate those feelings. It's a fresh take on goal setting that puts the internal before the external.

The Desire Map